First Pick in New York City

First Pick in New York City

Join the Team!


First Pick is looking for software development interns. Interested?


First Pick was founded in 2015 with the goal of connecting people through sports. Through our mutual love of sports, the team came together and started planning our first product. We began development on the First Pick app in the Summer of 2016 while in Penn State’s Summer Founders Program. After a successful pilot launch and several months of testing, the team has decided to expand and continue on with development.


First Pick LLC is seeking talented software engineers to join the team in an internship role for Fall 2017. You will be tasked with building and deploying products that help individuals and institutions participate in and/or organize pickup sports games. You will have a substantial amount of freedom and your work will be used in production. As a young entrepreneurial company, you may also be asked to interact with users. If you are a good fit for the team and perform well, it is possible that we may offer a permanent role.

Skills and Qualifications:


  • Current Penn State student in a technical major

  • Experience with mobile and/or server-side development

  • Knowledge of Android (Java), iOS (Swift), and/or Node.js (JS)

Important soft skills:

  • Strong oral and written communication

  • Excellent ability to work in a team

  • Sound attention to detail

  • Self-motivated and focused


  • Possibility to earn Penn State credit

  • Experience at a funded startup


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